A New Low

Really, Pennsylvania? I was today years old when I learned that one of the stipulations for receiving a summarized version of your original birth … A New Low

2022 goals in adoption

We need to change the laws in every state so an adoptee at the age of 18 is able to get their adoption records without a fight in court! It is every person’s right to know who their biological family is. As an adoptive it was not my choice to be given up to anotherContinue reading “2022 goals in adoption”

Disclosure Vetoes

I am going to be real with you, dear readers. I’m case that statement confuses you, by real I mean there is going to be some swearing involved. If a … Disclosure Vetoes I found this on one of my favorite blogger’s posts. I did not know that this type of veto existed! I haveContinue reading “Disclosure Vetoes”

Adoption and the birth certificate

https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/118482652/posts/3483139961 The birth certificate….. The birth certificate is one of the biggest topics of adoptees. Adopted parents do NOT take offense to your child being disappointed that you are listed on their second birth certificate. I would think that I am speaking for almost all of adoptees when I say we think these are fakeContinue reading “Adoption and the birth certificate”

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