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My “adopted” birthday

Good Friday happens to be the day that I came to live with my adopted family. I think of this day as my birthday. My actual birth date is December 11th. I really have never liked my birthday. I would rather not celebrate it however my husband is big on celebrating every birthday to theContinue reading “My “adopted” birthday”

Find Your Tribe — Adoption: My Truth

During this crazy Covid-time, it helps to connect with family, friends, and others who share a common bond. For me, it’s helpful at times to connect with other adoptees. This article is shared and reprinted here by permission from the Indiana Adoptee Network. It was originally printed in its 2020 Holiday Newsletter. “Be who you […]Continue reading “Find Your Tribe — Adoption: My Truth”

Mental Health Matters: Adoption with Dr. Masters — K E Garland

This week, I had the privilege of discussing adoption, adoptees, adoptive parents, and foster care with Marchita Masters, PsyD, who not only has worked with foster care children in several settings, but who has also adopted a child. Our conversation can be viewed on YouTube or listened to on SoundCloud or Apple Podcasts. I hope […]Continue reading “Mental Health Matters: Adoption with Dr. Masters — K E Garland”

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