Adoption statistics

Getting the adoption process time shorter

Understanding the Average Time to Adopt a Child Adoption wait times are different for each family. There are several key factors in determining yours: the type of adoption and the agency you work with. While other things, like your personal preparedness for the process, will also contribute to your wait time, these two stand aboveContinue reading “Getting the adoption process time shorter”

The shame and guilt of adoption The Impact of Shame When a mother gives her child up she will feel guilt. A family should NOT shame these women. The guilt alone will eat a person up. I have been up front that I do not like adoption and I am still trying to understand why mothers do it but toContinue reading “The shame and guilt of adoption”

What biological parents should know in adoption

When putting your child up for adoption please let the adopted parents know the honest details of why you are putting your child up for adoption. I would highly suggest writing a letter to your child from you explaining things to them. I think open adoption is the best for the child but the truthContinue reading “What biological parents should know in adoption”

5 Top things to do in adoption coming from an adoptee

1. Keep it an open adoption 2. Always be truthful 3. Talk openly about it 4. Listen to your adopted child 7. Treat them as normal as possible ( do not set them apart from other siblings) The video below has some real good tactics for how to parent. Some of it helped me. ThisContinue reading “5 Top things to do in adoption coming from an adoptee”

“I know an adoptee who is just fine with being adopted” — The adopted ones blog

I was on twitter this weekend and an adoptive parent (or intends to be an adoptive parent someday) – started mixing it up with adoptees chatting amongst themselves. The title above was her go to response to explain her pushback. Which got me to thinking about the post from 2019 linked below. I know an […]Continue reading ““I know an adoptee who is just fine with being adopted” — The adopted ones blog”

Interracial adoption

Interracial adoption refers to the act of placing a child of one racial or ethnic group with adoptive parents of another racial or ethnic group. Interracial adoption is not inherently the same as trans-cultural or international adoption. Wikipedia g/adoption-and-foster-care/how-to-adopt-and-foster/envisioning-your-family/transracial-adoption I am adopted. I am totally against teaching white privilege to your interracial adopted child. AContinue reading “Interracial adoption”

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