Politics are effecting adoption!

https://youtu.be/A7QEzDsJSQw Abortion is NOT just a political topic. It is so much more. Not only could it really take out our next generation but it is literally taking out our future doctors, nurses, teachers, firefighters, police officers, moms, and dads! We are God’s creation whether we chose to believe that or not. God gave usContinue reading “Politics are effecting adoption!”

This abortion trend and adoption 2022

If we keep going the way we are with this administration and our liberal acting government we will not have adoption stories any longer due to easy access to abortions! You know the younger generation voted blue just because the far left promised to keep abortion legal in blue states! It should be sad toContinue reading “This abortion trend and adoption 2022”

God loves you. God will forgive you.

Unfortunately we are all in some very harsh times. Not just this country but everywhere! Mental illness is on the rise! Christians have to be willing to open your hearts to those that are really lost and sometimes really cruel. We know God and we understand what Jesus did for us but not everyone hadContinue reading “God loves you. God will forgive you.”

Time to tell our experiences to help others!

There has never been a more crucial time for women in our nation to speak up. We have minds of our own. Those that believe in God need to stand up and tell their stories to save other females around the world. We are competing against men in women’s sports. Women’s bodies are now aContinue reading “Time to tell our experiences to help others!”

Instead of spending millions on aborting our children, we need to spend millions on protecting them!

https://www.latimes.com/story/2022-05-24/photos-15-dead-including-14-children-in-texas-school-shooting This school shooting is one of man heartbreaking events that Texas and the whole nation have faced in just a short couple of years. How many children have to lose their lives before this administration and the world realize what needs to be changed! Guns are not the problem people. Mental illness would beContinue reading “Instead of spending millions on aborting our children, we need to spend millions on protecting them!”

How the possible turn of Roe v.Wade could effect adoption….

First of all, we all should understand that if this happens the high court gives the decision back to the states to decide when abortion can be legal, not legal, or the time frames of legal abortion. People jump to the conclusion that abortion will just be illegal period. We should be happy that itContinue reading “How the possible turn of Roe v.Wade could effect adoption….”

Support adoption stop abortion

Instead of preaching about no abortions and such we should be supporting adoption more. We should have counseling to tell women about the long term mental effects of abortion. We should put our money where our mouths are and financially support adoptions and mental help for pregnant women considering giving up their child. Abortion shouldContinue reading “Support adoption stop abortion”

Texas says NO abortions after heartbeat starts!! A WIN!!!!!! #prolife

This is a big step in the right direction for the christian faith. If you watch this video above the eye color etc is already decided at conception. That is scientifically proven. Abortion should not be legal at all but this is a huge decision by the Supreme Court in saving the lives of ourContinue reading “Texas says NO abortions after heartbeat starts!! A WIN!!!!!! #prolife”

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