An adoptees birthday by Elizabeth

Today December 11th I was born 49 years ago. I feel like today was not a good day for those involved in my birth. This causes me to not want to celebrate today as “MY” birthday. I would rather celebrate on Good Friday 1973 when I came home to my parents. I feel that everyContinue reading “An adoptees birthday by Elizabeth”

My “adopted” birthday

Good Friday happens to be the day that I came to live with my adopted family. I think of this day as my birthday. My actual birth date is December 11th. I really have never liked my birthday. I would rather not celebrate it however my husband is big on celebrating every birthday to theContinue reading “My “adopted” birthday”

My birthday as a adoptee

It just seems appropriate to talk about my birthday as a adoptee since my birthday is 12/11/1972. Yes it is tomorrow. I do not know how other adoptees feel about their birthdays but I almost despise mine. I feel like that was a bad day for many. I tease and say I was a scienceContinue reading “My birthday as a adoptee”

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