A painful adoption story

There are so many ups and downs in adoption. As an adoptee, we do not choose to be adopted. However, we do choose to find our birth family or not find them. Those that are not adopted do not understand the need for us to find their birth family. We need to find our identity.Continue reading “A painful adoption story”

Family adoption revealed!

When I met my biological sister she shared a secret that at the time only her finance’ knew about her. Later she would tell her daughter at an age she could understand. My sister had become pregnant with someone that would not end up staying with her so she decided that it would be bestContinue reading “Family adoption revealed!”

Society needs to pay more attention to birthmother’s

https://www.americamagazine.org/faith/2020/12/06/adoption-abortion-pro-life-birth-mothers-239365 I really did not think I would be saying this but we do need to understand birth moms and why they give their children up. You know a majority of them are more mature and wholesome than we think. They get judged negatively more than they should. The more I see these posts aboutContinue reading “Society needs to pay more attention to birthmother’s”

The shame and guilt of adoption

https://www.pactadopt.org/resources/shame-and-secrecy-in-adoption.html The Impact of Shame When a mother gives her child up she will feel guilt. A family should NOT shame these women. The guilt alone will eat a person up. I have been up front that I do not like adoption and I am still trying to understand why mothers do it but toContinue reading “The shame and guilt of adoption”

Agencies with newborns to adopt

https://www.adoptabsc.org/ https://lifetimeadoption.com/adoptive-families/?gclid=CjwKCAjw9aiIBhA1EiwAJ_GTSsgoRGn7In3FquafZaJbdg_pqReQY4eGgqu88O7wnSagDeHwUL0x_RoCiZsQAvD_BwE https://www.americanadoptions.com/adopt/average-adoption-cost

“I know an adoptee who is just fine with being adopted” — The adopted ones blog

I was on twitter this weekend and an adoptive parent (or intends to be an adoptive parent someday) – started mixing it up with adoptees chatting amongst themselves. The title above was her go to response to explain her pushback. Which got me to thinking about the post from 2019 linked below. I know an […]Continue reading ““I know an adoptee who is just fine with being adopted” — The adopted ones blog”

My thoughts on society’s good and bad ideas of adoption today

https://www.huffpost.com/entry/adoption-in-america-the-g_b_11111576 This is my blog so I am writing my opinion on the articles that I am putting in my blog. I do have experience in adoption of course because I am adopted. First of all some states are making it easier for an adoptee to get their original birth certificate. This is a veryContinue reading “My thoughts on society’s good and bad ideas of adoption today”

The birth mother’s view….

I wanted to listen to different biological mother’s thought processes. I want to understand why they gave their child away. I know where are two sides to all stories. I still have a very hard time understanding how a mom just lets go of he newborn into the arms of another. I am trying soContinue reading “The birth mother’s view….”

The difference between open and closed adoption.

https://www.findlaw.com/family/adoption/open-vs-closed-adoption.html https://youtu.be/NDDkIyV4fNs https://adoptionswithlove.org/birth-parents/open-vs-closed-adoption As I said before in my blog as an adoptee my personal belief is that open would be better in adoption. I have to keep an open mind about why people do closed ones as well. I started this blog to help others as well as heal myself. I have already learnedContinue reading “The difference between open and closed adoption.”

Life now that I know my birth mother

My life did not change as much as I had thought it would after I finally met my birth mother. I was in an horrible relationship that kept me away from my home state where most of my adopted family lived and my birth mother’s family. I could probably count on my hands the timesContinue reading “Life now that I know my birth mother”

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