Another Rejection Of Me

For many adoptees, simply the fact that their original family is not raising them is a rejection. That is why this story really touched my heart. I’m… Another Rejection Of Me

The difference between open and closed adoption. As I said before in my blog as an adoptee my personal belief is that open would be better in adoption. I have to keep an open mind about why people do closed ones as well. I started this blog to help others as well as heal myself. I have already learnedContinue reading “The difference between open and closed adoption.”

Sources for finding birth parents and children There are many states now that have legalized obtaining an original birth certificate. Just google your birth state to see if you can request yours today.

How can we help one another?

I would like this blog to help each person that is involved in adoption. The parents that have been talking to one another about the pros and cons of adopting. The parents that have adopted. The young adult adoptee that wants to get their painful feelings out. The adoption agency that would like to learnContinue reading “How can we help one another?”

My birthday as a adoptee

It just seems appropriate to talk about my birthday as a adoptee since my birthday is 12/11/1972. Yes it is tomorrow. I do not know how other adoptees feel about their birthdays but I almost despise mine. I feel like that was a bad day for many. I tease and say I was a scienceContinue reading “My birthday as a adoptee”

Life now that I know my birth mother

My life did not change as much as I had thought it would after I finally met my birth mother. I was in an horrible relationship that kept me away from my home state where most of my adopted family lived and my birth mother’s family. I could probably count on my hands the timesContinue reading “Life now that I know my birth mother”

My view

I have started this blog with my story and feelings. My goal is to help other adoptees understand that they are not alone. We share many of the same feelings and situations in life. I want to help others. I also hope to help parents that consider adoption. If you asked me if I wouldContinue reading “My view”