Adoption blogs/podcasts in 2022 I find that reading blogs written by fellow adoptees or parents in adoption help me alot. I have not listened to an adoption podcast as of yet but that is a good support for those in adoption based families also. -Elizabeth

Next Steps — The Adoption Files

“I just received my non identifying information. What do I do next?” What do you want to do? I was not asked what I wanted to do. I was asked Why I wanted to do anything at all. I was asked why finding my family mattered at all. I believe most of us have heard […]Continue reading “Next Steps — The Adoption Files”

Agencies with newborns to adopt

True life adoption stories of those close to me…..why I think open adoptions are necessary

When I first found my biological mother and family my sister shared a secret in her life. Remember I just met my sister. The secret that she felt she could tell me was that she too had put a child up for adoption. I was very glad that she could share this with her siblingContinue reading “True life adoption stories of those close to me…..why I think open adoptions are necessary”

What are adopted parents? What is adoption? There are so many ways that I could describe adopted parents. Here are a few. One or two that open their heart to a child that starts as a stranger then becomes a part of their life so many fears to overcome yet so much love to gain an adopted parent has aContinue reading “What are adopted parents? What is adoption?”

Don’t bring “color” into adoption, Hollywood!

I was truly offended by the “This is us” episode this last week with Randall. I do not think that the color of a child brings anymore to the trauma in adoption. Those that are adopted by anyone other than their family do NOT look like their adopted family members! We all feel that insideContinue reading “Don’t bring “color” into adoption, Hollywood!”

Infertility leading to adoption

Adoption can be the only option for women that suffer from infertility.This story is so moving. I can relate to the part about knowing God wrote a child’s story from day one. My birth mother had given me the same first name that my adopted parents had chose for me. The case worker told themContinue reading “Infertility leading to adoption”

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