How To Open Communication — Missing Mom

Life happens and then you scramble to make the best of the situation. Today’s story. We were foster parents advocating for reunification with each placement. Knowing what we know now, we would find other ways to support family reunification. With our last placement, relatives were contacted weekly for months according to the social worker, but […]Continue reading “How To Open Communication — Missing Mom”

It Really Was That Bad

Today’s story – I was adopted from foster care when I was 12. I was adopted into the same home as one of my biological sisters. Being adopted was the… It Really Was That Bad I think there is always room to improve in every person’s life or in every job we have. In adoption,Continue reading “It Really Was That Bad”

Poverty Is Not A Good Reason — Missing Mom

The question was asked – Should poverty be a reason to remove children from their families? Let’s be clear – the stipends the families get to care for children that are not their own biological offspring are more than large enough to help take the child’s original, natural family get out of poverty. This is […]Continue reading “Poverty Is Not A Good Reason — Missing Mom”

Agencies with newborns to adopt

My thoughts on society’s good and bad ideas of adoption today This is my blog so I am writing my opinion on the articles that I am putting in my blog. I do have experience in adoption of course because I am adopted. First of all some states are making it easier for an adoptee to get their original birth certificate. This is a veryContinue reading “My thoughts on society’s good and bad ideas of adoption today”

Foster Kid Adoption — Adoption and Parenting

Foster kids are provided or they are put in the system by the federal government. Foster kids regularly are moved from one home to the other. 255 more words Foster Kid Adoption — Adoption and Parenting I found this article very interesting. I have been around at-risk and foster children for a while now. I wouldContinue reading “Foster Kid Adoption — Adoption and Parenting”

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